3 Apr 2017

Future Technology Predictions

How far will technology advance in 20, 30, even 50 years from now?  How will it affect our lives? 
Here are some technologies and scenarios predicted by science fiction writers, futurists and  technology experts.

7 Nov 2016

Happy halloween!

Halloween is traditionally celebrated on the night of 31st of October, the night before All Saint's Days. It is an exciting event in the United States and in Great Britain. Children and young people have fun wearing costumes and they go "Trick-or-Treating" on Halloween evening. Nowadays this tradition has spread to many places around the world.

Do you celebrate Halloween or "La castanyada"? What do you do? Tell us about it!

To get into the mood of halloween, here you have this spooky video from the film "The nightmare before  Christmas" (Tim Burton).

12 Oct 2016

English exam

Hello everybody!

These are the contents that you need to revise for your exam.

  • To be (WB p.82)
  • Present Simple (WB p. 84).  Don't forget to revise the spelling changes (SB. p 19).
  • Question words (WB p. 82)
  • Possessive adjectives  (WB  p. 82)
  • Possessive 's (WB p. 82)
  • Can /can't  (WB p. 82)
  • Love/like/hate/ enjoy  + V-ing  (SB p. 19)
  • Prepositions of time : IN/ON/AT 
  • Celebrations and dates
  • Free time activities ( SB p.19)
  • Skills and abilities (SB p. 19)
COMMUNICATION: You must be able:
  • Talk about routines and free time activities
  • Ask and answer questions in present simple
  • Talk about your likes and dislikes
  • Talk about abilities
  • Understand a text in present simple